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Chienne de mon maître

Serving my boyfriend and his manager Yohan

My boyfriend worked in consultancy, and the industry has a very toxic work environment sometimes for gay men. So he never brought up being gay to anyone until one day he had enough and came out during a team meeting. 

While there were some whispers, most people seemed supportive. Later on in the day his manager, Yohan, called him into his office. 

"So have a seat. Now are you dating anyone?" Asked his manager Yohan. 

"Yes I've been in a relationship for 4 years." Said my boyfriend.

Yohan: "Wow that's a long time man. How do you even stay interested in one person for that long?"

My boyfriend, "Well we like to keep things interesting." 

Yohan: "Oh like what?" 

My boyfriend, "Well you know. Haha" 

Yohan: "Come one, what is it? BDSM? I'm Dutch you know, grew up in Amsterdam so pretty open minded. I just wish I could find a girlfriend that was into that."

My boyfriend, "Wow, I never imagined having this conversation with you. But yes, we are very into kink and bdsm. He addresses me as Sir when at home and if I tell him to obey other men whether sexually or non sexually, he will. So things are always interesting and spicy in our relationship."

Yohan: "Damn, so what if you told him to make me drink naked and act like a puppy if I throw things for him to fetch. Would he do it?"

My boyfriend, "Of course because he would be following my orders if I tell him to obey you. There is always a safe word so make sure to keep an ear out for that." 

That weekend Yohan came over to our place. He made me play fetch with him, make him drinks, drink his piss, and even be a foot stool for a little bit. 

All of this definitely helped my boyfriend at work. Over the next few years and even until today Yohan comes over every month for dinner. However, recently he is in a relationship himself where he is a submissive and now I'm his sub mentor. 

Wow. Merci beaucoup mon maître 

Très chaud 

Je veux mon maître 

Je veux pour mon maître 

Roadside assistance

Sexy pig takes his sir's shit in his mouth while waiting for a tow.

Trop bon 

Das will ich erreichen...

That is one well trained faggot cunt

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